Chapter 1169 – Yan Zhaoge’s Pay Back (Part 1)

Although everyone tried to escape their eyes from Yan Zhaoge, how could Yan Zhaoge not be aware of it?

However, he did not say much. After watching Xiao Ai went to the East with joy, he turned and looked at Qiu Jiahai and Wang Pu who also returned to Yuanzhou City.

“This time, I would like to thank senior apprentice-brother Wang’s hard work for borrowing the sword.”

Yan Zhaoge said as he opened the palm of his hand.

An ancient sword with a flash of faint golden light appeared in his hands.

It was the Heaven Martial Origin Opening Sword.

At this moment, the power of this sword was no longer inspiring, and at first glance, it did not look amazing.

But if anyone concentrated on trying to see the specific appearance of the ancient sword, he would be immersed in it, and it was difficult to extricate from it. Then the one’s soul would be fascinated, and he would be hurt by the sword once he was ignorant.

Although the Origin Opening Sword’s intention was not fierce enough, the sword was always a killer, and other treasures were far from being comparable to it.

Wang Pu took the ancient sword and smiled bitterly, “Zhaoge, I never expect it before, you took the Earth Exalt…”

“Although he is the enemy, I have to acknowledge that the Earth Exalt is an indomitable opponent.” Yan Zhaoge said, “This time, we let him go, but he is certain to have other means to come back and he won’t give up until the goal is reached .”

“This matter involves my mother, so I have to strike first.”

Yan Zhaoge made a bow toward Wang Pu and Qiu Jiahai. “It’s just that the matter may involve senior apprentice-uncle Yue and Jade Capital Crag’s senior apprentice-brothers. I am so sorry about that.”

Both Wang Pu and Qiu Jiahai smiled bitterly and shook their heads.

“This is the end of the matter, but it’s better to think about how to deal with the follow-up questions.” Qiu Jiahai sighed and said, “We wonder when the Concealed Sovereign go out and when the Earthly Sovereign and Master return to the World beyond Worlds. Who comes first really matters.”

“I’m going to plan for this.” Yan Zhaoge simply mentioned that the Astro Sovereign may be at the northern Profound Heaven Territory, “I probably will leave the World beyond Worlds. If there is something, senior apprentice- Brother, you can contact my father.”

“The next step, there may be some troubles needing your help, I thank you all guys first here.” Yan Zhaoge said sincerely.

Qiu Jiahai looked at Wang Pu, who was silent.

His had always been prudent, and his style of doing things was actually somewhat conservative.

Wang Pu gave the Origin Opening Sword to Yan Zhaoge to prevent the enemy from expanding which would endanger the safety of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that Yan Zhaoge and his parties won a great victory and even slaughtered the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng.

This was by no means the original intention of Wang Pu. He was willing to help Yan Zhaoge and his father resist the pressure of Qilin Cliff, but he never thought that Jade Capital Crag and Qilin Cliff would break completely and formally go to war.

However, imagining Yue Zhenbei’s reaction after knowing this incident, Wang Pu could only sigh and say, “Zhaoge, just go. I’ll help junior apprentice-uncle Yan to stabilize the situation. If the Astro Sovereign can help mediate, it couldn’t be better.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Wang and senior apprentice-brother Qiu, thank you very much.” Yan Zhaoge said apologetically.

In a way, Jade Capital Crag was forced to take sides with Yan Zhaoge in the battle.

Although Yan Zhaoge had never been soft, he did think that he had to apologize to Wang Pu and others.

At this moment, he did not say more words, but he could only remember it.

On the other hand, he adhered to his own standard of conduct: trying to solve all the problems himself.

Chapter 1169 - Yan Zhaoge’s Pay Back (Part 2)

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