Chapter 1169 – Yan Zhaoge’s Pay Back (Part 2)

“Senior apprentice-brother, please help mediate my mother’s grievances with the northwestern Red Sea,” Yan Zhaoge said, “If my mother’s treasure got from the northwestern Red Sea is still kept by her, my father would persuade her to return.”

Although the Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin had also captured Xue Chuqing, the Northwestern Dim Heaven Territory had stopped since knowing the relationship between Yan Zhaoge and Jade Capital Crag from the Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony a few years ago.

“If the treasure is no longer there, we are willing to do our best to compensate.” said Yan Zhaoge sincerely, making a bow towards Wang Pu.

Wang Pu shook his head and said: “Junior apprentice-brother Yan, you are too courteous. Are you going to the northern Profound Heaven Territory now?”

“I’ll go to Kunlun Mountain with the senior apprentice-brother Wang and then turn north.” Yan Zhaoge smiled.

When Wang Pu heard this, he was a little scared at first.

However, since Wang Zhengcheng was already killed by Yan Zhaoge, other things were not worth mentioning.

Now that he had decided to go all the way with Yan Zhaoge, he calmed down and said, “Where are you going?”

“Xixi…” Yan Zhaoge smiled. Wang Pu, who had already calmed down, was scared again.

Yan Zhaoge laughed and said nothing. He turned to Qiu Jiahai and said: “Senior apprentice-brother Qiu, please calm down the guests who joined in the auction and explain to them that in the following days, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion would hold the opening as usual, once in a month. But the ordering service wouldn’t set the deadline. Even though they have urgent use, please be patient.”

He himself would be busy with other things and because the time was not fixed, he couldn’t stay in Dragon Butterfly Valley to refine artifact all the time.

Normally, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion opened to sell treasure could still be supported by the stock. As for the future ordering service, he could only do it when available.

Qiu Jiahai and others were invited to help deal with the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion’s aftermath. And Yan Zhaoge went to Kunlun Mountains.

When Wang Pu and Yan Zhaoge entered the Kunlun Mountains together, looking at a high mountain in the distance, their faces immediately clouded over.

“I could go on my own, and senior apprentice-brother Wang can stay here.” Yan Zhaoge said with a smile, then he was going to fly towards the mountain.

Ah Hu stayed where he was and asked Wang Pu curiously, “Mr. Wang, where is there?”

“Illusory Coming Peak……”

Wang Pu’s expression changed as if he had a toothache, “…the Heaven Emperor’s dao arena!”

Here, it was Illusory Coming Peak of the Kunlun Mountains, the Heaven Emperor’s dao arena.

Looking at the back of Yan Zhaoge, Wang Pu’s expression gradually became solemn.

After a little thought, he already understood the intention of Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge came here not only to vent his anger, but also to give a voice to the whole world.

A silent declaration.

A declaration to shake the current situation in the World beyond Worlds, Three Emperors and the Five Emperors.

After Yan Zhaoge killed Wang Zhengcheng, everyone in the World beyond Worlds was hard-pressed and was watching for subsequent development.

Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain, he took a stand on something to all people who were watching for their reactions.

They had no intention of bowing their heads to Qilin Cliff and pleaded guilty.

It was the first step to move the Broad Creed Mountain to the northeastern Sky Heaven Territory and become the leader of the eastern territory.

It was the second step that Yan Zhaoge was going to take!

“The Heaven Emperor paid two visits to our Broad Creed Mountain. I appreciated your visits very much.” When speaking, Zhao Yange had come to the top of Illusory Coming Peak: “Today I am here to salute you. Is the Heaven Emperor in the mountain?”

He lifted his palm up, and then fell his hand toward Illusory Coming Peak.

The giant mountain was tall and erect, reaching through the clouds.

But this moment it suddenly turned small, just like a teacup in Yan Zhaoge’ hand.

Chapter 1169 - Yan Zhaoge’s Pay Back (Part 1)

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