1. Oh, Minglan’s husband will be Gu Tingye? Is he the one who was going to marry Yanran, the one who “always lingers in the theaters or brothels”? 😢

  2. So I had to go and read all the spoilers after seeing the chart and I really really really can’t wait to read the whole novel. After reading the comments posted here I just want to calm everyone…it’s not as bad as it seems just wait 🙂 or be like me and read the spoilers to calm yourself 🙂 hahahah

  3. its better if u put a warning above this 😀 there’s spoiler here.. so anyone who doesn’t want to read spoiler can avoid this post 🙂

  4. thanks to you said that the spoilers were not so bad, I read them and they are not bad, which I was quite relieved hehehe🤭

  5. Hey guys, sorry for the spoilers. I put on this chart because there’re indeed toooo many characters in this long story — the whole kinship families. Just want to help readers to figure out the complex relationships of dozens of characters 😄Just calm down and wait for the next release 😊

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